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Although I made an account on here a while ago I never got round to posting an introduction. I'm Jay, 21. I was vegetarian for about 2 years until I was advised by doctors to stop due to health reasons. As my health is much improved I'm a vegetarian once more and trying to be vegan (it's tricky because I'm a runner). Hoping I'll be able to pick up a few tips on here.
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Hello Jay, glad you decided to start posting.

Your doctors sound a bit ... um ... uneducated if they think meat is an essential part of human diet. Perhaps they need to brush up on their nutrition!

We have quite a few distance runners on the forum, both vegetarian and vegan.

If you are in any doubt that a veg*n diet can sustain long distance athleticism check out Brendan Brazier and (my personal fave) Fiona Oakes :)
You probably already know about this event but thought I'd post it anyway:
The doctors didn't tell me that meat was essential - I was very ill and they recommended that I started eating meat again while I got better. That said, I never went back to eating meat "full time" - I had it occasionally but mostly stuck to veggie options. Even so, I don't think that's okay which is why I'm getting stricter on this!

Yeah there seem to be a lot of vegan / vegetarian people who are very athletic. I just think it's something I need to watch as I know a lot of people say they lose weight when switching which I don't want to do.

Thanks for the link - hoping to go if I can get the transport!
Hi Jay and welcome to VeggieBoards. :up:

Good luck with the running.

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