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Hi. I am doing my very best to turn to a plant-strong, vegetarian (possibly vegan) life. Not that I wouldn't be healthier, but just because I am having trouble coming to terms with eating animals. A person is supposed to enjoy their meals but at nearly 55 years old I have had an epiphany. I live in a house full of omnivores who roll their eyes or tell me it's "good for you" to eat meat. I don't want to be a closet vegetarian! Just looking for support I suppose - and to see what's going on in the veggie world.
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Welcome aboard, NotQuiteJuneCleaver! (Does this mean you're almost the Beaver's mom? :p) Welcome to VeggieBoards! :hi:At 63, I can tell you, going veg*n is the best thing I ever did!
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Welcome, NQJC! I'm 54, too, and I've been vegetarian (9 of them vegan) for 14 years. I love it! Yes, we're supposed to love our meals, and the best way for me to do that is to know that I'm not causing suffering when I eat. I hope you enjoy VeggieBoards. There are a lot of long-term veg*ns here, and we're always happy to help.

Sit your omni friends down to a nice evening of a showing of the FORKS OVER KNIVES or VEGUCATED videos. People have NO IDEA what's in their food, and what they are stuffing in their mouth.


Let us know how things progress!!!!!
Thank you all for the warm welcomes! I will keep you posted.
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