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I'm new to this forum and veganism.
As with any new diet/lifestyle adjustment, I monitor my nutrition for a month at first to see what needs adjusting.
Veganism has clearly made my diet unhealthy after only 3 days. The contents are healthy, but it's deficient in many things.
The problems I'm facing are all linked.
1) I always feel full, so I can't eat much.
I find that I force feed myself to eat lunch and dinner-- not something that has ever happened to me (It's usually the opposite).
2) Because I'm always full, I'm not reaching my target caloric requirement. I'm living off of 500-800 calories a day---Not good!
3)I'm also not getting enough fat , nor am I getting enough protein.
I'm worried I'm going to lose muscle :crying:

Here's a sample meal plan (please suggest anything that will help me get enough calories without force-feeding myself):

1/2 cup of cooked quinoa
12 oz tofu (coated in cornflour and cooked in 1 tbsp olive oil)
5 baby carrots
1 cup of snowpeas

Lunch: (COULDN'T finish this--only finished 1/4 of it)
3/4 cup cooked basmati brown rice
1/2 cup black beans
6 brussel sprouts
1 cup broccoli

Forced myself to finished my lunch but couldn't.

One more thing!
I live in Saudi Arabia and we pretty much have no vegan-friendly food apart from tofu. I've been trying to make cheese but I can't find vegetable gelatin,nor can I find nutritional yeast.
Are there any replacements for these two ingredients?

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1. You probably feel very full because your GI tract is reacting to the amount of fiber. You may also feel cramps and get gas, diarrhea/constipation and feel tire/generally ill. This is really, really common when switching to a vegan diet and can last a week or 2 before your body starts regulating and you begin feeling better:). Not only is your system re-calibrating itself to digesting more plant matter, it's also fluting toxins from the animal foods you used to eat. It's a detoxification process, almost like withdrawals, only from food instead of drugs and alcohol. I went through this really bad when I went vegan, and it wasn't pleasant but once I started feeling better, I feel AMAZING, energetic, skin clearer, mind clearer... well worth the initial inconvenience:)

2. Unless you were severely underweight before, it's fine to eat less and loose a little weight for a few weeks while your body flushes toxins and heals from a meat/animal product diet (they really are pretty detrimental). Once you begin feeling better, you'll be able to eat more and get back up to your healthy daily caloric intake and a healthy weight.

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Hi Vegella,

The "difficult to get enough calories" is one of the most common issues that new vegans have.

Here's how to fix it:

1. Instead of eating bulky green vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and brussell sprouts, choose easier-to-eat green vegetables like cooked kale or mustard greens (or other leafy greens).

2. Don't eat quite as many green vegetables. It's sufficient to eat 2 cups of cooked leafy green vegetables per day: . Green vegetables are important, but they offer very few calories and a lot of bulk. It's more important to focus on getting calories from beans and grains.

3. Instead of trying to squeeze all of your calories into 3 meals, eat 5 or 6 smaller meals instead.

4. Include some calorie-dense foods in your diet, such as nuts, nut butters, seeds, avocados, hummus, and/or tahini. Natural peanut butter is about 100 calories per tablespoon.

It's wonderful to hear that you have tofu in Saudi Arabia. It's very likely that you also have other vegan foods, such as falafel and tabouli (both popular Middle Eastern foods).
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You could try a vegan protein shake or maybe dried soya for protein intake...

You could order vegan cheese over the Internet...

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Thanks to everyone for replying!
I'll try to follow that advice today. :D
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