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New UK Vegan Online Toiletries Store

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I'm a self-funded female entrepreneur wanting to let you all know about my range of vegan toiletries. Just for you, The Solid Bar Company I developed a line of pure, environmentally sound personal care essentials.

As an extra bonus, this Bank Holiday weekend I have a 17% off discount, right across the range - so worth checking out at now, otherwise I offer 10% off to all new customers with code THANK YOU.

My fully sustainable, plastic-free Hair Care, Body Care, Children's Care, Soap Care, Pet Care and Repellent Care products are created with finest natural ingredients to give you sheer luxury without compromise.

The vegan shampoo bars, conditioner bars and other body care bars have been created for your convenience from ethically sourced natural ingredients. They are light, compact, biodegradable and safe to use; for both you and the planet they are eco-friendly, effective and economical whilst remaining luxuriously natural and organic without compromising quality. This is my commitment to you and the planet.

All my products are 100% vegan, palm oil free and contain no water, alcohol, chemicals or synthetic fragrances, are created in a highly concentrated solid form and are fully biodegradable and ocean friendly. The packaging eliminates all plastic, as I use light, recyclable or fully biodegradable packs to ensure zero-waste. I'm committed to cruelty-free development and vow to never test my products on animals.

This year, after two years of hard work, I've also scooped some eco recognition awards:

- My 2-in-1 Shampoo Bar / Conditioner Bar - Frankincense won a Gold Award in the Haircare Category of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2021.

- My Calendula Vegan Nappy Rash Cream won a Gold Award in the Nappy Cream Category of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2021.

- My Essential Orange Shampoo Bar and Essential Conditioner Bars were entered into the Top Santé Haircare Awards 2021 in the Best Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner category and were both awarded * Silver Award Winner! *

Hope you don't object toe putting this out there, but I thought a few/may of you might like to know!

Best wishes to all!
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