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Hello all!! I am in the process of transitioning into a vegan lifestyle & I am very excited! I am still researching and I started out by going vegetarian first with no deisire to go vegan but now I am fully ready to do it. I have only been vegetarian for three weeks but I find it to be pretty easy, so far. I am taking it step by step and not drastically changing anything. I wasnt a big meat eater to begin with, or so I thought until I took it out of my diet. Eating out is the only thing I find to be hard and the only solution is to limit eating out or I'll get bord of the side's and salads. I am also gluten free which makes food choices a little harder then normal. I have some gluten free/vegan cook books and I am starting to try differnent vegan foods. So far I tried cheese which I liked and im going to try tofu next. I was never a big fan of tofu but I guess I'll have to learn to cook it a way I'll like it. Right now I am having 1-2 vegan meals a day including snacks while one meal still has some animal product which is usually breakfast. I plan on going completely vegan with in the next 2-3 weeks. I am doing it for a number of reasons including to loose weight. Does anyone have any tips for me? I am pretty motivated & have support including my mother that has been interested in going vegan for sometime now so we are in need of some good receipes to try. If anyone has any to share please send them to me!

thank you all!!!
I feel you. I eat no meat, dairy, grains, or corn - so it's difficult when one goes out to find something that fits the mold, so to speak. I don't eat fast food (and neither should you!) and at most restaurants a salad is usually available on a menu. You can always ask your waiter to not include any croutons, cheeses, grilled chicken, etc from whatever salad you may be eyeballing on a menu.
Somehow this conversation reminds me of the Simpsons...

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