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The following message was received by me:

Im not sure if the mentioning of the email addresses is ok by Michael but if its not he (or a mod) will remove them.

(Ive send Michael a Pm on this)

***SHAC Action Alert DMG and the CHEMSPEC Conference***

Eleanor [Ikenson] told several people the same thing whenever necropsy was mentioned that she cant go in their anymore because when she has gone in the monkeys are still screaming when they are on the table being cut apart.

- from the diary of HLS undercover worker Michelle Rokke.

As existing customers continue to indicate that they are washing their hands of the animal slaughterhouse which is Huntingdon Life Sciences, it is important that we do not allow HLS the chance to entice new clients to pay for more bloody experiments at their evil labs.

This is why campaigners target conferences around the world whenever HLS sales reps shown their miserable heads and miserable they are, as they bow to the constant sound of protestors dogging their every move, locking onto their stands, interrupting their hospitality suites and so on.

But while the pharmaceutical conferences are well known, less attention has been paid to HLSs other major groups of clients, the chemical and agricultural industries. On the 4th-5th June, HLS has booked a stall to drum up new business at the internationally important CHEMSPEC conference at the G-Mex in Manchester, UK. Naturally, we will be there.

In the meantime, we are calling on the organisers - DMG World Media - to give HLS the boot. We are also calling on the joint owners of the G-Mex, Aviva and Manchester City Council to ensure that this happens. You will find all the relevant contact details below. You know the routine by now get on the phone, fax, email and letter writing to let these people know all about HLS and why they are such bad news, both for animals and any business even remotely associated with them.

DMG World Media have decided to play hardball on this issue. More fool them. As organisers of hundreds of conferences all around the world, it is time they woke up to the fact that they should ban HLS from their conferences as a matter of course. To help them reach this understanding we are asking that you send a polite email explaining why they should have a company wide ban on HLS attending any show they are involved in. To this end, we have included many email addresses of their conference organisers around the world (UK, Canada, US and Australia/New Zealand) at the very bottom of this email. Soon, it will be the case that HLS will automatically be refused entry to conferences across the world, and that can only mean animal lives saved, so please take the time and effort to get out message across.

This weeks action alert is email intensive. But dont worry, simply cut and paste the lists of emails into the TO and CC lines of your email software, write your message and send those messages.


Equitable House, Lyon Road, Harrow, HA1 2EW

Tel: 0208 515 2170

The people at DMG specifically dealing with ChemSpec are *** and ***. They are based at the Redhill office:

DMG/Business Media, Queensway House, 2 Queensway, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1QS, UK.

Switchboard Tel 01737 768 611

For details of DMG offices through out the UK and globally check out their website at


The G-Mex Centre,


M2 3GX

Tel: 0161 834 2700

Fax: 0161 833 3168

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


The Chief Executive is Sir Howard Bernstein

Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA

Tel: 0161 234 5000

Fax: 0161 234 3760

Email: [email protected]

And 0161 234 3006 for Elaine Williams, Mr Bernstein's PA

Email him via her at: [email protected] or [email protected]


Aviva are an insurance company (they own CGU, Norwich Union and Hill House Hammond)

They too have sites all over the UK - see

Switchboard: 0207 283 2000

List of all (important) emails in this action alert:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], , [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], ,

For more information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, please visit the websites, and; alternatively, contact Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) 0845 458 0630 or by email at [email protected]. Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal acts of any kind in whatever country you are reading it from. Please feel free to forward this email on.

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HLS Stands for Huntingdon Life Sciences, the other are companies that suppy Huntingdon or are customers of it.

what HLS does see: or

(If you can't handle cruelty to animals, then be carefull visiting the sites)

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I removed all references to e-mails and phone numbers that involved the name of an individual, with the exception of the government officials (their names and e-mails are public information.)

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I'm all for communicating about issues like this, but I think it's only appropriate to post the contact info that is considered public information.
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