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If you're in Albuquerque, you've got a little more comradery than you might realize. There are numerous vegetarian groups who like to meet on a monthly basis or even more often. The people in these groups are some of the nicest people I've ever met, and they all have their own interesting ideas.

If you are running or starting a group of your own in Albuquerque, please post it here. If you've attended functions in these groups, share your thoughts!

ABQVEG: I am the organizer for this fantastic group. We get together and have potlucks or vegetarian barbecues. On occasions such as Earth Day and the Solar Fiesta, we'll set up a booth and talk about how a vegetarian diet helps the environment. I love our atmosphere, which is light and happy. Our website -- which is in its infancy at the moment -- is

ABQ RAW!: Kaylee Tejeda and I have talked a few times, just in case you notice the similarity in our organizational names. I copied my name from him. Kaylee and his partner in crime Leslie run an awesome monthly raw potluck. The dishes that show up at these potlucks are remarkably yummy and creative. Raw chocolate mousse made with fresh coconut milk... Raw spaghetti with a sun-dried tomato sauce... Brazil nut curry... I could just go on. Get your own dish ready and come on over to ABQ RAW!

VSNM (The Vegetarian Society of New Mexico) is a group that predates my own, and is full of a lot of good people. Among the group's past activities are restaurant outings, setting up booths at activism events, and large holiday potlucks.

UNMVEG: Kaylee Tejeda also runs this group at the University of New Mexico. You can ask him about it and their current activities by contacting him through the ABQ RAW! group's website.

Did we miss your group? Have you attended these groups' functions? How did you like them?

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