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This is only my second day on becoming vegetarian. I've tried in the past but to no avail, I stopped. So here I am again and just finding this board. I hope to stay and maintain my journey of change. The reason for change is that there are positive health benefits associated with becoming vegan. There is still much more to learn. I also feel like this is something that I should be doing.
I have a few questions/ subjects that I am trying to understand.This is probably one that all "seasoned" vegans have heard.
1. Hard time coming up with food ideas without breaking the bank. Going back and forth to the store everyday buying frozen food.
2. Will my tastebuds eventually change and how long does it take? I tried a veggie burger today from store and it was not all that good.
3. Is there something to use to get chicken flavor?
4. Still feeling hungry, do not feel full after eating vegetarian food that I prepare.
5. Dislike the taste of this tofu stuff, rather have something else.
6. Is there a reason to use amino liquid? I see this posted for most vegans. Do i have to use it and is it required on food?
7. I don't want to become so thin that I look strange. I do want to have some weight on my bones
. Will I loose a lot of weight?
Please understand, I was raised up on chicken& dressing, mac & cheese, collard greens and ham hocks. I'm looking to start a new chapter in my life.

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1. Do you own any vegan cookbooks? Have you looked online for vegan recipes? Vegan food is super cheap, like dried rice, beans, lentils, cous cous, pasta, in season fruits and veggies, etc.
2. Just because you didn't like 1 veggie burger out of the 30+ on the market, doesn't mean you don't like veggie burgers. Branch out, try different brands. Which one did you try?
3. Better Than Bouillon Chicken Style Vegetable Broth = Awesome!
4. What are you eating?
5. What you are using the tofu in? Are you using it as a meat substitute? I hate tofu, I avoid the stuff.
6. Nah, not required, but it's tasty, that's why some use it. It's very high in salt, more than soy sauce, so go easy if you get it. I own a huge bottle, barely used a few teaspoons in 4 years.
7. No, you should not lose a lot of weight unless you're starving yourself. Vegan =/= skinny. There are some pretty decent vegan Mac and cheese recipes out there, Amy's Kitchen even makes a frozen one. If you get Appetite for Reduction (cookbook), there's a delicious recipe for black eyed peas and collard greens

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Before I begin, I'm not a vegan (don't intend on becoming one for my own reasons) and consider myself a 'transitioning' vegetarian at the moment. But I might be able to help out.

1. Food ideas- It depends on what you like.

Stirfries- Leave out the meat. Maybe throw in bok choy for your iron.
Curries- Chickpeas or lentils (or both) work as great meat substitutes. Curries freeze incredibly well too.
Just remember to check the sauces you'll be using for fish products. You can usually find one or two who are vegan friendly though.

Lentils are a staple for my cooking (and they can be SO cheap, less than a dollar a can and an entire can will feed me for at least 4-6 meals). I use them where I would usually use mince in things like spaghetti bolognaise. Refried beans work well with tacos and burritoes. Toffuti is the only cream cheese subsitute I can think of, a little tasteless in comparison, but the texture is remarkable.

2. Depends on the food, but there are great non-meat products out there and yeah, in the end you do get more used to it.

3. I'm coming at this from a vegetarian standpoint, so you'll have to check the ingredients for dairy (boyfriend doesn't do eggs either so I try and make sure they're not in things anyway) but I've found a few stocks, chicken and beef, that contain no animal. Also, Gravox gravy, is fine too. It's good on roast vegetables and the fake meat roasts.

Frys, are the best substitute I've found so far that's easily available in shops. I live in a small country town and their stuff is awesome!

4. As danakscully says, what are you eating?

5. Try some fake meats. I hated tofu when I first tried it and I ran so far from vegetarianism..... But it does depend on the tofu you're eating too. Are you using soft or firm tofu in your cooking?
6. Dunno.

7. You won't lose weight. I'm a lightweight and have maintained my weight. That's a pretty mean feat.

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1. Check out this post about saving money:

2. Your tastebuds may change over time, but don't count on it. Just eat the vegan foods you enjoy. Luckily there are hundreds of different kinds of veggie burgers from store-bought to home-made. Check out to find the store-bought ones and take a look at vegweb for some recipes.

3. There are vegan chickn broths that you can buy for chicken flavor. Here are some:

4. If you don't feel full, eat more food. Alternatively, eat more fiber.

5. Fortunately you're not stuck with tofu. If you dislike it and/or can't prepare it yourself to make it tasty, then try tempeh, seitan, or just opt for some legumes, nuts or seeds

6. No. You do you not have to use Braggs. People who write about it are kind of old school.

7. The average weight loss when going vegan is about 10-20 pounds but that's an average. Some people don't lose any weight, some even gain weight. Going vegan isn't necessarily adopting a diet that has fewer calories and/or more fiber than your previous nonvegan diet. If you continue to eat grains, nuts, oil, some processed foods, occassional sweets and fried food then you probably won't lose a ton of weight if any. If you feel like you do want to lose some weight then just eat fewer of those foods I mentioned and exercise more.

Good luck
You're doing a great thing for yourself, the planet, and billions of animals!
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