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I been battling my vegetarian diet for the last year and half because of budget wise and we still will be . However, we will be moving to another location that has alot of stores and restaurants and there is a farmers market and product and ETC marketplace over a mile away or less from where we are moving too. I am going to start being Octo Lave Vegetarian and then start from there.
I am having major teeth problems and I can't chew to much anymore until I get major oral surgery soon. While under going it and before I am going to learn how to eat simple things and not hard things and so I will give this time to heal my body from the stress we occurred the last few years and start fresh in our new home.
I am 33 years of age and married 9 years this September with no children yet. However, we are trying for our first finally after we get some health issues taken care of.
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