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New Jersey Veggie Heaven Article in the Bergen Record

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Did anyone read the article in The Bergen Record this past Wednesday regarding Veggie Heaven, me and my website,

It was great! If not, here's the link!! but it's easier if you click!
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We have my bday celebration there every year! It is a bit overpriced....but OOOOH so goood.
I love that place also...and there's one in Montclair, Parsippany, and Teaneck. The Parsippany one is moving to Denville though. Yup, they're a bit over-priced but they do such a great job...the service is almost always good and the food is usually excellent. I take as many friends as possible there and they love it. I love that :^) ...nice site, Leafy.

Hi I'm Dana I just joined today and have no idea if this reply will even show up I have no idea what I'm doing lol But I just wanted to thank you for reminding me about this place. I am new to the vegetarian lifestyle and determined to stick with it. I remember seeing Veggie Heaven once and forgot all about it. I will be going there..

thanks again.

If you respond to me and I dont reply Im not rude I just dont know what Im doing on here yet lol

thanks again

Its pretty much my fav. place to eat. I go to the one in Montclair all the time. We also ordered delivery from them at least once a week. Everyone who works there and delivers from there is soooooooooo nice!!!!
OMG I didn't know they delivered! Ive never been to the one in Montclair, but I know a few people who go to school there. If I went to school there, I would order from them so much I would have no money left.

Im happy the Parsippany one moved to Denville because it is a little closer to my house. I havent been to the new place yet, but ill be going soon. We should totally do a NJ meet up and go
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I had no idea there were any veggie restaurants anywhere near me!!!!! oooohimsoexcited
Originally Posted by MakaIsDeprived View Post

I had no idea there were any veggie restaurants anywhere near me!!!!! oooohimsoexcited
Where do you live? There are 3 Veggie Heavens in NJ, are you near Denville? There are other various veg. restaurants in northern NJ too, 2 being near my job, but I havent had the chance to visit them yet.

I was really sad when they closed Down to Earth
---a WONDERFUL all-vegan gourmet restaurant in Red Bank, which I used to live right next to when I went to college near there.
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