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Ive been a wantabee for 12 years on and off ,3 kids , teens ect make it tuff.

Im not even sure what a true vegan is. Im up ther in age but have been thru a lot with the food thing. Ive discovered meats are poison in many ways, But allso it is unethical to many to needlessly kill animals just to pork out. We have so many thousands of foods that are non meat. Wonderful recipies that are very healthy. Brown rice for one is my staple diet, stir fry, Beans and corn tortia make a whole protien,(no white flour wraps) Carrot and spinach have 5 times more calcium than milk. Juiceing is IT. The magic 6:apple, carrot,celery, spinach,parsley,lemon. with drinking water in a blender. As often as I can.

This Juiceing offrs real living enzime and clorifill not found in any other food in the world (except barley greens).I do not mis eating feces(dung , crap) in ground beef.

The FDA approved 8 % feces , crap, in burger. this causes Ecoli bacteria .

Who the H does FDA think they are to poison my kids, and kill literally hundreds of children .

2 months ago New york, yay, outlawed TRANS fats(poison oils). We ll see.

See you vegers later. and thanks inventors/publishers for this site.

PS: A great recipee for Veg burger mix is available on web.

Escussion in Minnesota.
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