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New at this lifestyle

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Hi people my name it's Marian and Im from Mexico
Yesterday I decided that I'd like to be Vegan, but my only source has been a popular book named skinny *****
It talks about the transaction you need to do and why
The book was really fun and good to read but I need more information about being Vegan,
I wouldnt like to be out of nutrients or vitamins for lack of information
I'd really appreciate your help

Thanks xx
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:hi:Welcome, Marian. Welcome to VB.
Hi Marian,

Favor de perdonar mi espanol.

Aqui esta una guia vegetariana:

Mariana, es importante evitar el error de no comer suficientes calorias. Es facil hacer este error, porque alimentos vegetarianos (frijoles, granos, papas, frutas) contienen menos calorias que la carne, el pollo, y alimentos de la leche. Aqui esta una calculadora de calorias necesarias: . Entonces, recordar que:

Una copa (240 ml) de frijoles hervidos contiene unas 230 calorias

Una copa de granos hervidos contiene unas 200 calorias

Una copa de fruta fresca (no seca) contiene unas 40-100 calorias

Una copa de verduras (lechuga, espinacas) contiene unas 5-40 calorias

Una papa mediana contiene unas 120 calories

Una copa de nueces contiene unas 700-1000 calorias
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:hi: W e l c o m e ! :hi:
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Hello, Marian! Welcome to VeggieBoards.

I think it's awesome that you've made a decision to go vegan and the very next day you find this place! :up: If you do some exploring of the boards, I'm sure you'll find some awesome advice. You've found a great place for ideas and support.
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