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Kelly, I am currently pregnant - my husband and I are both vegetarian, have been 6 years, and we got pregnant the first month we tried to conceive. So being vegetarian shouldn't affect your fertility at all (who knows, maybe it will help!!) My doctor was very pleased to hear I was following a healthy vegetarian diet, and said that she wished all of her patients would eat as many vegetables during pregnancy as I do!

If you eat a healthy diet you will get all the nutrients you need for your baby. Like ANY mother, vegetarian or meat eating, make sure you are taking FOLIC ACID before you start to try to conceive, and then take a nice prenatal vitamin during your pregnancy. The prenatal vitamins contain all the vitamins you might "miss out" on from meat (B12 being the major one, but if you eat dairy and eggs, you're getting that anyway!) Being SLIGHTLY overweight is also not unhealthy at all - it shouldn't affect your fertility. :)

Get the book "what to expect when you are expecting" - its one of the most popular pregnancy books in the world, and it has a section on nutrition - and it agrees that being vegetarian is perfectly fine!!!! It even has vegan food ideas in it. It has been WONDERFUL and has really helped reassure my husband and I during this process - i cannot more strongly recommend it.

Also, since you are specifically worried about being vegetarian during pregnancy , i have a book about vegetarian pregnancy, which asks a lot of questions like yours. I can't find it right now, but seriously, i think the only book you need is "What to expect when you are expecting", it is awesome.

Being afraid of losing a baby is totally normal - trust me, I'm scared to death too - but I know my vegetarian diet is HEALTHY for my baby, and is one of the ways I am caring for the baby better than most!!! So take a deep breath, learn everything you can about nutrition from the book i mentioned, and don't worry!!! You will be fine!!! :)
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