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Here are some of the ones I have:

-At this Moment (was sang on Family Ties when Alex and Tracy Pollen were saying good-bye in a train station)

-This is the Night (clay aiken)

-Bridge over Troubled Water

-Solitaire (NOT by Karen C /shutter)

-Not Supposed to Love you anymore

-The Heart Don't LIe

Those sort of things. Gut wrenching types of songs. I write my best romance scenes when I'm completely depressed from music

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Sad, happy, what's your preference? I know some of the sad...

Stay Gone - Jimmy Wayne - Country (relationship sux, better off apart, stay away because I'm healthy this way)

Movin' On - Rascal Flatts - Country (life full of regrets, getting rid of ghosts/demons, etc., life is waiting)

These Days - Rascal Flatts - Country (seeing old flame in airport, still thinking about her, still missing her, etc.)

Independence Day - Martina McBride - Country (child witnessing abusive relationship, mother burns house down, child goes to county home, etc.)

Who's that Man (Running My Life) - Toby Keith - Country (Divorced husband and wife, father drives by house, sees someone else's car in driveway)

I'm So Happy - Toby Keith and Sting - Country (Divorced man tries to get his life together with "joint custody and legal separation)

Oh Krista, I could go on for days with gut wrenching Country music if you could tolerate the tunes that go along. The stories are great, and I seem to relate a lot of my life experiences to them, however I know there are other genres that express it all just as well. Check out lyrics, see what might inspire you, then hook up with tunes.

ETA: Heart Don't Lie...Good one!

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love the Cure

what about 80's powerballads?

foreigner had some good ones, tears for fears, inxs, duran duran, that sort of thing.

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Romeo and Juliet- Dire Straits

Ghost- Indigo Girls

Putting the Damage On- Tori Amos

Like Cockatoos- The Cure

Solitary Man- (cover) Crooked Fingers

Crazy- Patsy Cline

When U were Mine- Prince

positively gut wrenching.

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There is nothing, NOTHING more romatic, kick in the heart, makes you want to melt than nearly any love ballad sung by Luther Vandross.

the very best:

A House Is Not A Home - please, please, please listen to this - if you haven't heard it, you will be absolutely amazed.

Superstar/ Until You Come Back To Me - you might think that Ruben does this well - can't compare to Luther

Love Won't Let Me Wait - makes clothes magically throw themselves off your body and onto the floor

I Want The Night To Stay

Crazy Love

NOW, singer that can absolutely leave you on the floor in a big mess is Sade:

Is It A Crime - the very best. Still makes me tear up - if you've ever lost a love, this is the song

Pearls - a song about a woman's love for her child, and her suffering

Finally, you don't have to love Barry Manilow, to love this song - about lost love:

When October Goes

These are the hard core, leave you on the floor in a heaping pile of tears, OR the hard core, gonna definately get laid but good, songs. Please listen to them and review them here.

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Robert Cray - "I Wonder" and "The Price I Pay"

Al Green - "Love and Happiness" and "Let's Stay Together"

Blood Sweat & Tears - "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know"

The Cars - "Why Can't I Have You?"

Also Rod Stewart's version of the old Holland/Dozier/Holland Motown number "You Keep Me Hanging On" always sends shivers through my soul, though less powerful versions exist performed by The Supremes, Vanilla Fudge and others.

Try those on for size . . . .
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