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This link has suggestions for relatively healthy on-the-go eating. It's for omnis, but it gives good ideas for snacks and breakfasts. Also the ideas can be adapted for veg*ns, obviously. For instance, you can sub baked tofu or veg. patties for the chicken and fish and stuff.


I love these:

Shake-and-Bake Tofu Scroll down a bit to get to the recipe. It's really easy. It does take a little longer than 10 minutes to bake, but there's no planning ahead, pressing or marinating like a lot of tofu recipes. I use all kinds of dips with them, that I just whip up while they're baking.

My fallback really easy chili--1 can chili beans in sauce, 1 cup salsa, 1 cup corn, heat and eat. I like to put it on top of baked potatoes, polenta or cornbread pancakes.

The classic easy dinner: whole grain pasta, jarred sauce, bagged salad.

Easy veg*n German: Veg dogs/sausage, cooked w/saurkraut, serve with apple sauce, potato of your choice.

When I'm really busy like that I tend to rely more on conveniance foods. I find myself eating more "chik" patties, veggie dogs, pre-made tortellini, canned soups, that sort of thing. I just read labels like crazy to avoid additives as much as I can.

Oh, here's another of my fave easy dinners.

Garlicky Tahini-Chard Sauce over Quinoa I've used all different kinds of greens with this. It's yummy, quick and good for you!
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