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<div class="quote-container"><span>Quote:</span>
<div class="quote-block">It was a series of bad decisions.<br><br>
First, someone at NBC Sports thought it was a good idea to partner with the National Rifle Association on a sponsorship for a big game trophy hunting show called Under Wild Skies. Then they decided it'd be good to show Tony Makris, an NRA lobbyist, shoot an elephant in the face three times. And to make it worse, they showed the hunter and guide drink celebratory champagne while talking about the "specialness" of bringing the ivory back to camp.<br><br>
And after blogs like Deadspin reposted the hunting clip, outrage naturally spread online, including a petition for NBC to cancel the program. Despite the pressure, NBC Sports initially announced they were not going to cancel the show, but would instead no longer air this particular episode.<br><br>
Only after Makris defended his elephant hunting by bizarrely comparing his critics to Hitler, someone at NBC with some sense decided to pull the plug and canceled the show.</div>
Read the rest here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
...What? How could something this dumb and horrible even happen? You have to be a special kind of clueless to greenlight a show like this at all when elephant poaching is such a sensitive topic right now. <img alt="inquisitive.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src="">

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<p>I can't honestly believe this stuff is allowed to happen and be shown in my day ._. It's embarassing.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>I bet they are still getting angry emails by the thousands.</p>
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