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I hope this is the right place to post this (I figured it has to do with companion animals, but also with careers and school so I'm not sure).

For a while now I've been wanting to go into veterinary medicine (that's after deciding that I really wanted to be a nutritionist because I like the biology of it and that I like biology because it has to do with living things like animals... etc), and right now I'm not going to the right school to get a vet degree, but I can get a Bachelor's in Science and get my chemistry and some of the biology out of the way. I'm 23 and just got my Associate's this summer (I'm a little behind).

The more I think about it, the more I think I want to do holistic veterinary medicine (or complementary and alternative veterinary medicine, or veterinary naturopathy, or whatever you want to call it), because I care not only about animals, I care about the environment, I care about corporate misdeeds, and a whole lot more. And I think holistic medical care for animals is not given enough weight in the western world.

Now here's the problem I have:

I looked online if there are any (credible and not-online/distance) colleges or universities that teach holistic vetmed, but apparently there aren't any. All the people who's bio's I've read have gotten a regular DVM and then added on certification in animal accupuncture, herbalism, acupressure, etc.

I wish there was a school that would get me a DVM but with emphasis on holistic care, and I can't find it. I'm planning on talking to an advisor at my current school to see if they have any idea but I doubt it (it's not something you hear about often).

Do any of you have education and/or jobs in the field or know where I can get more information?
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