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My Old Life

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Many of you will not really relate to this place, but it is definitely an interesting place for me.

I have, for many years now, run in gourmet circles. Probably 90% of our friends are wine snobs, and we frequent fine restaurants regularly.

For the past 10 years or so, our favorite French Restaurant, L'Etoile, has held specialty wine dinners a few times per year. These are events that we NEVER miss. I have memories of some of the best meals that I have ever consumed paired with amazing wines and finished off with desserts that take your breat away from these events. I have always made it a point to attend these without fail, and they are great times with my dear friends and my husband.

Today I received an invitation to one of L'Etoile's famous wine dinners:

Gourmet Dinner wtih Harold Wood, the highly respected epicurean.

The menu is 6 courses with six different wines.

1) Duck Foie Gras Pressed with Apples and paired with a Perrier Jouet Rose Champagne

2)Veloute of Maine Lobster, Infusion of Porcini Mushrooms & Corriander paired with a Montmains 1999 Chablis Premier Cru

3) Fillet of Yellow Edge Grouper, Barigoule of Glazed Vegetables, Jus of Seafood & Artichokes paired with a Grenovilles 1999 Chablis Grand Cru

4) Partridge Breasts, Galette of Celery, Foie Gra, Pommes Maxim's, Fruit Gastric paired with a Domaine Billard Gonnet 1999 Pommard Rugiens Premier Cru

5) Chaurce Cheese, Plum with Cloves Scented Oil

6) Pinapple Ravioli with a Trio of Exotic Fruits, Verjus Sorbet, Coulis "Arc En Cief" paired with a Close Labere 1998 Sauternes

I am very lucky because I have plans to be down at South Padre Island during this dinner, but I can't imagine what I would have done, had I been here at home. I see how much this is my old life, and I would be very sad to miss out on such an occassion with my husband and my good friends. However, I know without any second thoughts that I simply could NOT consume those foods. I used to love Foie Gras, and Lobster was one of my most favorites.

I guess that I would have called the restaurant and asked them to prepare something for me, even if it wasn't quite up to main menu. However, it is a really big eye opener for me that this will ALWAYS be an issue from this point on.


Again, I am SO glad that I have already purchased the plane tickets and hotel room. I shudder to think what I would have done. It is bound to come up again, and is definitely something that I will have to consider long and hard.
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Where I'm from, fine wine includes everything besides Boones Farm, and many here would argue that Boones farm is indeed a fine wine.
I had a discussion with the cook at my work just this morning about Fois Gras, he said the farmers today do not force feed, but rather they sort of trick the birds by turning the lights on in the middle of the night, so the birds think it is daytime and start eating, which causes the enlarged and fattened liver. When I asked about force feeding with a pipe shoved down their throat, he said that practice is severly outdaterd, does anyone know the answer, is this true or not?

I think its disgusting and cruel either way, but I would like to have my facts straight.
boones sangria is the best! if you throw it in a punchbowl with some brandy and fruit you've got a party.

eqipro, how did you come to be veg? i'm asking because going vegan has also dramatically changed my social life...

Ignore those jealous of your snobbiness. They only wish to be as snobby as you.

The snob eateries that I have frequented are very happy to accomodate any appetite; it is seen as a challenge. Often, you get a lovely meal of sauted vegetables, fruits, and/or nuts over a grain. And, if you are able to give 24 hours notice, you can end up with some glorious meals.

Dont fret, my dear!
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shewolf, the pineapple is dessert, I do believe

Then again, dessert and wine? There are worse things on earth.
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I've never heard of Foie Gras until now. That is the most disturbing thing I've ever read. I just found proof of where hell is. It's right here on earth and evil lives. How can anyone with a brain put another living creature through that and still live with themselves. I'm so sad now.
I hate humans sometimes. (where's my cave!)
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Its strange to live in a time where so much has been done to help animals at the same time so much is done to harm them.

I was always partial to the Schlitz, Blatz, and Hams. In college, whoever drank the crappiest beer ruled in popularity. It was always a struggle to find the lowest forms of beer but those three mentioned above take the cake.
The only snobbiness I'm fond of is moral and ethical snobbiness. I could really care less about expensive fancy dinners, expensive wines. You can have just as much fun sitting at a friends house having a potluck. I guess I'm just not the type of person to fit in to those circles.

Why don't you invite friends over or ask your fiends to go to a nive vegan restaurant and explain why you changed instead of hiding from your ethical decisions. This could have been a good opportunity to educate your friends. And if they were good friends, I'm sure they would listen.
Why are you both acting like being called snobby is a bad thing? It isn't. Snobbery is an appreication of more refined things - fancy wines, food that rivals works of art, etc.

Elitish is different. That is when you think your life/choices/ways/etc are the only way and better then those around you. *cough* not that anyone on vb is in that camp *cough* *spit* *cough* I gotta get that fixed sometime.

Of course, to be a real snob, you need to either have dark-rimmed glasses or wear your hair pulled back into a ponytail and amazingly look stylish

EquiPro, I am confident you will have no trouble finding an upscale restaurant to cater to your needs.
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It probably isn't raviloi in the terms we think of. It could be a cover, similar to a wonton cover, stuffed with pineapple, boiled, and have the other stuff poured on top of it.
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People who pee outdoors are not able to call themselves snobs, unless they are doing it as part of a charity event and are wearing high heels.
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epski, has anyone told you that you are a royal pain in the arse sometimes?

nevermind, Tame is on these boards. Of course you've been told....
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