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My Old Life

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Many of you will not really relate to this place, but it is definitely an interesting place for me.

I have, for many years now, run in gourmet circles. Probably 90% of our friends are wine snobs, and we frequent fine restaurants regularly.

For the past 10 years or so, our favorite French Restaurant, L'Etoile, has held specialty wine dinners a few times per year. These are events that we NEVER miss. I have memories of some of the best meals that I have ever consumed paired with amazing wines and finished off with desserts that take your breat away from these events. I have always made it a point to attend these without fail, and they are great times with my dear friends and my husband.

Today I received an invitation to one of L'Etoile's famous wine dinners:

Gourmet Dinner wtih Harold Wood, the highly respected epicurean.

The menu is 6 courses with six different wines.

1) Duck Foie Gras Pressed with Apples and paired with a Perrier Jouet Rose Champagne

2)Veloute of Maine Lobster, Infusion of Porcini Mushrooms & Corriander paired with a Montmains 1999 Chablis Premier Cru

3) Fillet of Yellow Edge Grouper, Barigoule of Glazed Vegetables, Jus of Seafood & Artichokes paired with a Grenovilles 1999 Chablis Grand Cru

4) Partridge Breasts, Galette of Celery, Foie Gra, Pommes Maxim's, Fruit Gastric paired with a Domaine Billard Gonnet 1999 Pommard Rugiens Premier Cru

5) Chaurce Cheese, Plum with Cloves Scented Oil

6) Pinapple Ravioli with a Trio of Exotic Fruits, Verjus Sorbet, Coulis "Arc En Cief" paired with a Close Labere 1998 Sauternes

I am very lucky because I have plans to be down at South Padre Island during this dinner, but I can't imagine what I would have done, had I been here at home. I see how much this is my old life, and I would be very sad to miss out on such an occassion with my husband and my good friends. However, I know without any second thoughts that I simply could NOT consume those foods. I used to love Foie Gras, and Lobster was one of my most favorites.

I guess that I would have called the restaurant and asked them to prepare something for me, even if it wasn't quite up to main menu. However, it is a really big eye opener for me that this will ALWAYS be an issue from this point on.


Again, I am SO glad that I have already purchased the plane tickets and hotel room. I shudder to think what I would have done. It is bound to come up again, and is definitely something that I will have to consider long and hard.
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sheesh. that's awfully swank sounding. i feel a little funny with my kitchen being so bare right now, knowing people out there are eating meals like this.

i understand that you are concerned with missing out on the social aspect of this, though. i don't know what to say. perhaps...just can convince your friends and husband to have an alternate wine-tasting event with vegetarian foods? everyone brings a specific bottle of wine and a specific dish to go with it? we always invite people over for a potluck before anyone can plan to invite us out to a steakhouse or whatever...

yeah, i know. i'm so not-posh.
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i am sorry if i came across as disapproving. it shouldn't surprise me that so many people live in such extreme luxury, but for some reason, it still does, every time i read about it. of course with the way our society is set up, there are no apologies neccessary from the rich, to the poor. if i really wanted to, i could probably work my ass off and make a lot of money and frequent these places, and events, too.

i hope that you find a solution that works for both you, and your friends and loved ones, equipro. you should be proud of yourself for sticking to your guns in the face of social embarassement.
me too, tame. except we don't even have the money buy wine-in-a-box anymore. we have to make it ourselves. not counting the amount of time it takes to do the brewing, our wine works out to a cool $2 or $3 CDN, a bottle.

and it tastes like it, too.
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Originally posted by sunnyk

I have lived at nearly all parts of the wealth/poverty spectrum ... that's why I see it as a non-issue.

well, not entirely. it's an issue for you when someone spends millions of dollars on an engagement ring. right?
zapmama27, here's an article from a few years ago. from the looks of it, the force feeding thing is still pretty common:
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