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My new pups

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They are alaskan malamute/ black lab mix. Just had to share a pic
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What increbible cuties!!!
They have adorable little eyes, they look like they're gonna grow big strong & healthy,
Hello Wolfie and Libby pupps!!

Can we get a shot of both

in the same frame please!!

That would be twice the cuticity.
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Awww! Stop making me want more puppies! I already have enough and Tim just tried to adopt an Iraq puppy, but they wouldn't let him. They are all just so darn irresistable. I love malamutes. Please post more pics once they are bigger.
AWWWWW! SO CUTE! In my avatar you'll see Khan, my malamute/german shepherd cross...
aww i love malamutes. they get so frickin BIG though! they're so fuzzy and huggable as pups, though clumsy as all hell due to the gigantic feet
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they are ssooo cute !! i love malamutes too and kind of spitz i love !
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