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My little sister (who is 17) has always staunchly insisted that she absolutely cannot live without meat, no matter what.

Well, two nights ago, we were talking and the conversation somehow drifted to vegetarianism, (she brings it up a lot, and asks a ton of questions) and I said that after watching certain videos it made me physically ill to even think of eating meat. She went into her whole diatribe about how meat is her LIFE, she cannot live without it, blah blah blah. I was like, "Hey, that is fine, I am not trying to preach, you asked."

So later I was on and I was like "Hey, wanna see a funny video?" And I showed her some of the amusing PETA ones (the banned cow leather one, the cats humping, etc.) and then she ASKED to see "Reasons to Become A Vegetarian" (not sure if that one is PETA or not). I showed it to her and she kept turning her head and grimacing. I thought she was going to vomit.

After it was over, she stood up and grimly announced, "I am convinced. I am not eating meat anymore. Ever." Whoa! I was in shock! That video is not even one of the worse ones at all. I am so happy though and I really hope she sticks with it!!!

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