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I want to make a memoir to my dead pets. I love them a LOT.

I used to have 3 pet fish.

Bambi was my first fish. Bambi was the youngest, and he was my first pet fish.

I loved Bambi dearly. He was so cute, swishing his tail around... Bambi was kind of lethargic, too.

Shimmer was my second fish. After Bami died, my mom's friends were kind enough to get me a new one. Shimmer was beautiful. He was a beautiful red, and his scales and fins always shimmered. I loved Shimmer very much, and I always showed him off to my friends. Then Shimmer died....

Sparky was my last fish. Sparky was very smart. He would always come up to the fish bowl, and take the food from my hand, instead of being scared like my previous fish, Shimmer and Bambi. I trained Sparky to do a lot of cool tricks, too. Then, after a year, Sparky died.

Garfield was my cute little kitten, that me and my family had resuced when we were going on a walk one day. Since Garfield was a stray, she carried diseases. She died after two months, but we still love her till today.

I love you all lots, and I hope you guys got to heaven safely.


-suzy-chan^ ^
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