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I'm sick of reading books where the hunky, macho romantic interest finally manages to break through the weedy, veggie heroine's stubborness and get a steak down her throat.
I've read enough of those to last me a lifetime.

And the fluffy, ditzy 'veggie' girl who doesn't eat rabbits because they are 'cute', but is happy to dig into a ham sandwich? I could gleefully strangle her.

Whenever I write a scene where characters are eating, they're always eating vegan food, though I may not make it explicit that they're veggie. No bacon butties in my books.

I'm working on a sci-fi series of novels that revolve around the themes of 'respect for life' or 'How far do we extend the circle when we're dealing with 'do unto others. . .'?' It's a challenge because to make it work I'm going to have to dig deep and give my frustrations, anger and doubts to the protagonist as she realises how unjust the world is and how helpless she is to change things. I'll have to deal with her struggles to not hate those who still participate in animal cruelty when otherwise they are good people. Trying to figure out what she can do to help, without letting the cruelty tear her apart inside. Her doubts that what she does even matters. Her doubts that the others fighting the same fight are people she wants to associate with.

Basically all the things veggies go through
It's going to be hard, but I'm so fed up of veggies being misunderstood or mis-represented. It's my little way of redressing the balance. The only way I can do it without sounding preachy is to be absolutely honest and deal with the hardships and personal struggles as well as the feelings of joy and reward that go along with living to reduce the suffering of others.
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