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This stuff is so good! It's made in Naples, New York which is about 15 mins from my house. It's vegan, and they mill all of their own oats, wheat berries, everything! It's made with 95% organic ingredients!

You might have seen them featured on the Food Network show "Food Finds", when they did a special Naples episode. If you did, the Abour Hill Wineries are owned my my cousin! So if you bought some of their balsamic vinegar, you kinda know me! LOL!

Anyway, if you wanna contact them about it you can call for a free catalouge: (585) 374 - 9108 or e-mail them at [email protected]!

I highly reccomend it, it's delicious! And it's not all little crumbles you find at the bottom of a bag, it's all big chunks, it's great!
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