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Mosaic crafts, anyone?

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Does anyone here do mosaics??

I've become a mosaic monster in the last couple of years. I went a little nuts at first, doing vases, stepping stones, lanterns, small things like that. I'm hoping to graduate to some bigger and more elegant projects in the near future, though.

Does anyone have any neat projects or ideas to share?

I have especially been wondering if anyone has ever worked with wood when doing mosaics? I bought an old wooden coffee table almost a year ago with the intention of doing a mosaic across the top of it, but I've been a little scared to tackle it until recently. I've heard that either glass or some other kind of material needs to be laid on top of (or applied to) the wood before the tiles can be glued on, though? I've looked it up, but most sites I find don't mention this. I'm afraid if I apply the tiles directly to the wood, though, that it may warp over time due to the moisture from the glue and grout. Any thoughts on this?

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My wife used to do glass mosaics on planter boxes (that were actually used as planters) and none of them had any problems with moisture even though they were kept outside. I forget what she used for grout, but she used a good epoxy to glue the glass to the wood.
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