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I have been finding lots of new to me vegan products lately. Todays is a vegan chicken pot pie. The only other vegan pot pie I have to compare this to is Amys name brand, which is a veggie pot pie.

This pot pie comes like the old fashioned pies: breading all around, a few veggies & chicken and encased in an aluminum pan. The crust was crispy and flaky, almost buttery. The filling was mostly peas, carrots and vegan chicken meat. The sauce was just right and also had a slight buttery flavor. The bottom crust was gummy and soggy, but that is not unusual for a pot pie. If they could fix that problem, then this pot pie would be nearly perfect.

I dont normally compare two items directly, but I will this time. Amys crust is whole wheat and does not seem to contain much oil. Amys crust gets dried out easily. This pies crust is much more satisfying. The filling on both pies are quite nice and comparable. If you prefer a faux meat, then this one gets a slight boost. Overall, I preferred Mon Cuisines pot pie over Amys. It had a richness to it that Amys lacked.

Amys: 7.5 oz; 360 calories; 13g of fat
Mon Cuisine: 10 oz; 530 calories; 15g of fat

Above are some stats for the two pies. Amys is a smaller pie, with fewer calories and less fat. However, if we adjust for the difference in weight, 7.5 oz of Mon Cuisine has 397 calories and 11g of fat, bringing it close to Amys, nutritionally.

Overall, I was quite impressed. If you get a hankering for a pot pie and happen to find this one in your grocery store, I think you would like it.


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Oh my gosh - I love pot pie! My daughter get the Amy's ones once in a while, when my husband is traveling, but they are a bit small. Where did you find this?
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