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Minnesota Best of Twin Cities '08

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City Pages "Best of the Twin Cities" issue hit the racks yesterday. I eagerly pawed my way through the issue to see "Best Vegetarian Restaraunt" and found ...

that category has been eliminated
But not all is doom and gloom. I'm guessing the editors got sick of folks pointing out the winner of that category (often Cafe Brenda) was usually NOT a vegetarian place (don't know that it ever was). The category of Best Vegetarian Restaraunt was replaced by Best Vegetarian-Friendly Restaraunt. Now really, other than maybe Khan's Mongolian Barbaque nothing really vegetarian-hostile springs to mind, but I get the spirit of the category. Be nice to recognize a place where vegetarians don't have to "tolerate" corpses. But whatever.

The winner: Spoonriver. Never been there. Sort of a descendant of Cafe Brenda, so not very much a surprising or illuminating choice. (No, I have nothing against Cafe Brenda or Spoonriver really ... but the 'hipsters' in the fan clubs annoy the heck outta me.) I still am uncomfortable with this choice ... are veggie options so limited in Minneapolis that CONTINUALLY non-vegetarian places are declared best? And I have to wonder why a place that serves duck liver pate gets best vegetarian ANYTHING.

And there are VEGETARIAN restaraunts in this area that are deserving of 'best' awards. In this very Best Of, the award for Best Indian Restaraunt goes to Nala Pak, which trumpets that it is a vegetarian place. Haven't been there either. It is in the extreme northern suburbs and I pretty much live in the extreme southern 'burbs. But I think I'll pop by once I figure out the logistics.

Because I l*o*v*e indian. And I appreciate vegetarian restaraunts. The kind that don't have to use hyphens or modifying adjectives.


A new (to me) category of interest: Best Vegetarian Diner Food. I like the name of this category quite a bit more than the previously discussed one. Puts the emphasis on the food, right where it should be. The winner: Highland Grill. Another place I've never been. Another place difficult for me to get to if I wanted to go. I'm noticing a pattern here.
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Hey, I love Khan's and always get mine vegetarian. The nice thing from a vegetarian perspective is that you have total control over what goes on your plate.
Originally Posted by Frogger View Post

Hey, I love Khan's and always get mine vegetarian. The nice thing from a vegetarian perspective is that you have total control over what goes on your plate.
Khan's was the first place that popped to mind. Never tried to eat veggie there, but seems like it'd be a challenge.
Thanks Dave, you got my mouth all watering for some delicious Indian food...Nalapak sounds awesome! I too love the foods from India, but it's hard to find here in central MN unless I make some myself which (almost) never happens.
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the ecopolitan is my absolute favorite, though im quite fond of nalapak as well. its impossible for me to say no to indian food.
Ecopolitan is great.

Have to love Hard Times Cafe as well.

There's an Indian restaurant on central up in Fridley that is supposed to be all veg but I haven't tried it yet.

Any other pure veg*n places?
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