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michiganders, save the mourning doves!

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i know there's a michigan thread but i wanted to make sure this message was available to all. if you are not a michigan resident yourself but know someone who is, please spread the word! please vote on november 7th!!! if you are not currently registered to vote, tomorrow (oct. 10th) is the deadline to do so!

Last year, the Michigan legislature narrowly passed a bill, which was signed into law by Governor Jennifer Granholm, that allowed the sport SHOOTING OF MOURNING DOVES for the first time since 1905. The Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting ban collected more than 275,000 petition signatures to get a dove hunting referendum-Proposal 3-on the November 2006 ballot. Voting "No" on Proposal 3 will restore Michigan's 100-year tradition of protecting mourning doves.

There is no management need for hunting doves, and they are shot simply for target practice. Doves are not overpopulated, do not cause nuisance problems, and have very little meat on their tiny bodies. Scientific studies also indicate that more than 30% of the mourning doves shot are wounded and not killed immediately and enduring a prolonged death.
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Thanks Lilith, I also remember the travesty that happened in Ohio.

A major problem I think was confusion among voters. The pro-animal side was VASTLY outspent by the NRA, etc. Ohioans faced a barrage of ads from the dove hunters but virtually none from humane groups. The ads never mentioned doves and were among the most aggressively misleading political ads. According to these TV and radio spots, if Ohio approved the dove hunting ban, meat would be outlawed, family farms would be forced to close, and babies would die of terrible diseases because medical research would be crippled. Other ads meanwhile showed the kind of people who supported the proposition: scary masked terrorists screaming and smashing windows. To his eternal discredit, Jack Hanna appeared in a pro-dove hunting ad.

Humane ads were woefully underfunded and were few and far between. There seemed to be 10 anti-animal ads for every 1 humane ad. I certainly hope Michigan does not repeat Ohio's history. I also hope the humane effort is well-funded enough that they do not let the opposition run rampant with their misinformation.
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