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michiganders, save the mourning doves!

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i know there's a michigan thread but i wanted to make sure this message was available to all. if you are not a michigan resident yourself but know someone who is, please spread the word! please vote on november 7th!!! if you are not currently registered to vote, tomorrow (oct. 10th) is the deadline to do so!

Last year, the Michigan legislature narrowly passed a bill, which was signed into law by Governor Jennifer Granholm, that allowed the sport SHOOTING OF MOURNING DOVES for the first time since 1905. The Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting ban collected more than 275,000 petition signatures to get a dove hunting referendum-Proposal 3-on the November 2006 ballot. Voting "No" on Proposal 3 will restore Michigan's 100-year tradition of protecting mourning doves.

There is no management need for hunting doves, and they are shot simply for target practice. Doves are not overpopulated, do not cause nuisance problems, and have very little meat on their tiny bodies. Scientific studies also indicate that more than 30% of the mourning doves shot are wounded and not killed immediately and enduring a prolonged death.
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I am in Michigan and I will vote a big NO on proposal 3. I can't believe we have to even vote on something like this, they should just automatically be protected like they have always been. I saw the commerical eariler and was so saddened. Those poor doves. Everyone needs to do what they can to protect them!
How can people shoot something so beautiful and peaceful as a dove and live with themselves?

Some people have no regard or respect for the lives of animals. They have the right to life too!

But you could get in big trouble with the ASPCA if you shot a dog or cat but it's ok to shoot a dove. Why?
I am really excited today to find out that Michigan voted no on proposal 3. Thanks for saving our mourning doves!
I would be too, but you never know with people. I guess there weren't enough hunters out there to vote "yes" on the proposal.

My dad told me eariler that there were many hunters actually against the dove hunting, so that's good!
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