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A Mesquite police officer outraged students at Kimbrough Middle School Wednesday afternoon when he doused a baby squirrel with pepper spray.

According to school officials, the baby squirrel -- which looks to be about the size of a hamster -- was chasing after some students.

The school deemed this a threat, and called animal control.

Mesquite police Sgt. Wes Talley said the officer who showed up thought the animal was acting strange and might have been rabid, according to Fox 4.

In the YouTube video below, shot by one of the students, the officer -- identified only as "Officer Davis" -- sprays the squirrel repeatedly, while horrified students cry out in protest, "No!", "Don't spray him!", and, "Are you crazy?"

While it's not clear how a baby squirrel poses a threat to a bunch of schoolkids, both the school and the Mesquite police stand by the officer's actions.

The video has made it onto websites nationwide, including Gawker and New York magazine.

The squirrel survived, apparently unharmed. (But, I'll bet, plenty irked at Officer Davis.)

According to Fox 4, he was corralled, treated by animal control officials, and released back into the wilds of Mesquite.

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Yea, cause baby squirrels are so scary. Last fall I saved an exhausted squirrel that must have slipped and fallen into a blow up kiddie pool when my sister called me from her boyfriends sisters house in a panic because he couldn't get out and just kept swimming frantically in circles. It survived
after it snapped out of the shock, caught it's breath and dried off a bit, it scurried off.

there are tons of videos like these ^

*sigh* this is why as much as it hurts, I try to scare animals away from humans when I come across them. Including the Chi the people across the street let roam my neighborhood. He crosses the street to come see our dogs and lays in the middle of the road on sunny days. I clap my hands and say; "go home" walking behind him, making sure he doesn't get hit until he actually goes back in the part of the fence he escapes from.

"People" around here use pets as bait for pits, but pits are victims too. They light them on fire, nail them to telephone poles with nail guns, stone them, one guy beat his min pin to death with a baseball bat from humping the family cat... you would not believe the "missing" flyers everywhere. All different pets, cat & cats.
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