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Hey there, folks. I'm new to the forum and would really like some guidance.

I have recently switched to veganism. I am also a nurse. I'm struggling with a few issues regarding my occupation.

Nursing is a passion of mine and I honestly can't see myself ever doing anything else. However, since becoming vegan I've often wondered about a few moral issues. Firstly, I spend so much of my time administering medication to patients. Medication that was 99,9% of the time tested on animals. As a student when I was taking Pharmacology, basically all of the medication that was studied contained results on both animal and human subjects. I also spend so much of my time feeding patients that are unable to feed themselves. This always contains meat.

Secondly, I have bipolar mood disorder. It took me 3 years to finally find a cocktail of medication that just allowed me to live a normal life. Once again, medication that was tested on animals.

How can I reconcile the two? My life and medication. Is it even possible?

Any feedback will be appreciated :)
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