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Watch The Meatrix 2.5, online now at!!

What happened to me after I was kidnapped in Meatrix 2? What really goes on in meat processing facilities? And what can you do? Answers to these questions, plus lots of Meatrix action, can be found online at

The Meatrix 2.5 was produced by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios for Participant Productions to help promote the social action campaign surrounding the Participant Productions/Fox Searchlight Fast Food Nation movie (releasing on November 17th). The first action is to get people to eat more sustainable animal products by visiting the Eat Well Guide ( -- it's an online directory of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy and eggs.

Help us spread the word -- here are some things you can do!

--Visit for banner and web graphics to put up on your website or blog. Link back to us!

--Click on the Send to a Friend button and email your friends. You can click on Send mail using your own address book to automatically upload the message into your email so you can send it to everyone you know!
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