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Meat: The Celebration Of Murder - Part I

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Hi my vegetarian and vegan friends!

I am new on this forum, and I would like to share with you all the global problems we face, as a consequence of the meat consumption by our carnivore friends. I have written several articles that I would like to share with you -- hopefully, they will resonate with you all, and I get to hear from you, and make some new friends! Here's the first article:

Meat: The Celebration Of Murder - Part I
The Mutilation of our Moral Ascendancy

An excerpt: The best place to embark on this gruesome and contentious topic is from my own experiences, from years ago, when I was a teenager. If the use of inverse psychology has any clinical credence, my father, at least in my case, had used to it successfully. By giving me a gun, and complete freedom, he managed to turn me, a belligerent and irreverent teenager with an itchy trigger finger into a inviolable vegetarian, completely against animal murder. To set the stage, I am beginning this article by recalling one of those experiences. And, when I conjure up that day -- thankfully seldom -- I do it involuntarily, presenting an experience from the criminal's perspective.

Checkout this article on
Please share this with everyone. Thanks!
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