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I agree with the stir fry suggestion:

Thinly sliced tofu marinated in a bit of soy sauce and tomato paste (overnight), tossed in cornstarch, seared, and stir fried with some peanuts, sesame, bean sprouts, bell peppers, more soy sauce, vinegar and brown sugar, serve with udon or rice noodles, and you're set. It will also keep in the fridge. Just reheat in a pan, rather than the microwave or the vegetables will end up too soft.

Other easy stuff:

Falafel or other patties from dry mix with grated cucumbers, mint and mayonnaise.

Tortilla chips with salsa...

...or baba ghanoush: Grill eggplant until blackened, remove flesh, mash, add lemon juice, oil, black pepper and if you like tahini, (soy) yogurt, walnuts, paprika or toasted cumin. The grilling part will take more than 30 minutes, but the rest is a matter of putting the ingredients in a blender. You can freeze it or keep it in the fridge until needed, and then add chopped onion just before serving.

Beets (pre-cooked) puréed with olive oil, stale bread, walnuts and garlic spread on bread. Or the same thing with raw or grilled red bell pepper.

A can of chickpeas simmered in tomato sauce and seasoning of your choice.

Alternatively, throw that can in a blender with oil, garlic, lemon juice, paprika, tahini and cumin and you have hummus.
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