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I'm fourteen and a freshman in high school. My school doesn't provide ANY vegan or vegetarian options (the salads all have chicken, and they don't even sell fruit anymore unless you buy a main dish.) So, I pack lunch from home every day. This usually consists of:

-Flavoured water or soymilk in a thermos

-Some type of fruit, like a banana, pomelo, strawberries, etc.

-Home-baked sweet potato chips (not raw though, sorry)

-A small container or ziplock of nuts, especially cashews, almonds, or macadamia nuts

-Raw vegetables, usually edamame or snap peas, sometimes raw broccoli, carrots, and the like

-And sometimes a PB&J

Hope this helped a little. My lunch is mostly made up of little snacks, but I usually eat 6 small meals a day (instead of 3 large, helps my metabolism tons, hah), so it works. Raw fruits and veggies are great for lunches, easy to prepare, and even my junk-food loving friends steal them from me.
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