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The following was recieved by me :


p r e s s c u t t i n g By Neil Buckley in New York


Yahoo News



McDonald's bids for healthy kids

McDonald's is attempting to seize the initiative amid

concerns over rising obesity levels with plans to offer healthier

products to children including fruit, vegetables and yoghurt.

The world's largest burger chain said it would also create a

"McDonald's Advisory Council on Healthy Lifestyles", an

independent group of nutrition experts that would guide the

company on health-related activities.

The latest moves follow a series of menu changes in recent

months aimed at reflecting changing consumer tastes and health

concerns. McDonald's said last September it would cut the amount

of saturated and trans fats in its french fries.

It also launched a range of premium salads in the US this

month, along with dressings made by Newman's Own, the food

company linked with the Hollywood actor Paul Newman. It is

test-marketing a lower-fat version of its Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald's insisted the latest move to revamp its children's

Happy Meals was not connected with a lawsuit it faces from a

group of overweight teenagers claiming that its products caused

their obesity. McDonald's has dismissed the case as "ludicrous".

The initial case was thrown out by a judge in January. But

following guidelines laid out by the judge, the plaintiffs's

lawyer, Samuel Hirsch, submitted an amended claim last month

arguing that some McDonald's products were more unhealthy than

consumers realised.

"This is not a response to the lawsuit. This is an issue we

have been looking at for a long time," said Ken Barun, McDonald's

corporate vice-president who will lead the company's healthy

lifestyle activities.

The company said Jim Cantalupo, chief executive, had directed

all McDonald's markets that offer children's Happy Meals to

identify "additional product choices".

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From Today's Irish Examiner


McDonalds trims fat to focus on healthy fare

By Colette Keane

YOU dont normally associate low fat yoghurts, salads, orange juice and mineral water with burger chain McDonalds, but from next month all of these items will be available from your nearest Golden Arches outlet.

Having racked up losses of $344 million in the last three months of 2002 the first losses ever reported by the company since it went public in 1965 McDonald's is just about stopping short of offering muesli alongside its Egg McMuffin in a bid to woo customers back.

Outlining the company's new vision to Wall Street analysts, chief executive officer Jim Cantalupo said burgers would be re-spiced, buns reconfigured so they toast better, sandwiches a company euphemism for burgers will be packaged in paper instead of plastic and more health items like salads and low-fat yoghurts will be offered.

"We took our eyes off our fries and lost our focus," Mr Cantalupo admitted. "The world has changed. Our customers have changed. We have to change, too."

Recent law suits in the US claiming the company was responsible for causing obesity has forced McDonald's to start dipping its toe in healthy options menus by providing items such as the McChicken Premiere a slice of chicken breast fillet served in a focaccia bun and topped with sauces and iceberg lettuce.

Despite the losses at a company that has become the poster child of capitalism and the target of anti-globalisation protesters, the corporation managed to serve 43 million customers every day of last year in 119 countries.

Although the Irish operation was profitable last year, serving 150,000 customers a day or 53 million people in total, these additional healthy options to the menu will also be available here.

From next month the Happy Meal will come with a Danone yoghurt drink and the choice of a fizzy drink, orange juice, milk or a mineral water.

McDonald's Irish marketing director Lucy Murray confirmed that the company is testing other products such as sandwiches and salads which should be available by the summer.

"McDonald's is an evolving company. Customers want more choices and healthy options and we are responding to that," she said.

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I wonder how many additives are in the mineral water LOL . Well even if McDonalds are changing their ways the damage has already been done for me, I shall never step inside another McDonalds ever again!

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They sell organic milk at mcdonalds. No joke! The carton has a soil association certification, with the classic smiling, happy cow on the front, which is on pretty much all the milk cartons I know of.
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