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McDonald’s set to make history with public tours of restaurants.

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(Sorry, no direct link. Thanks to blueserendipity (she mentioned this event))

McDonalds set to make history with public tours of restaurants

Friday, June 27 2003

McDonalds Australia is set to create history on July 5 when it opens the doors of around 600 restaurants and invites the public into its kitchens to take a behind-the-scenes look at Australias leading quick service restaurant.

People can register for an Open Doors tour and see for themselves just what goes on in a McDonalds kitchen, what is stored in the fridge and freezer and just how the nations most popular burger the Cheeseburger is made.

People wanting to join Open Doors have until 5pm (AEST) on July 2 to register for the restaurant and kitchen tours which will be held between 9am and 5pm on Open Doors day, Saturday, July 5.

Guy Russo, Managing Director of McDonalds Australia said Open Doors day was designed specifically for customers and others interested in seeing what goes on behind the counter of Australias most popular quick service restaurant.

I started working at McDonalds when I was just 15 its a company that Im very proud of and Id love our customers to learn a little bit more about what we do and how we do it, Mr Russo said.

The restaurant tours, kitchen visits and discussion forums will give visitors the opportunity to ask questions about anything - from the preparation of our burgers, to the source of our products, or the training we provide our staff.

Research has shown that customers are amazed to hear the truth about our food and McDonalds commitment to quality. There are a range of urban myths surrounding our food and for many people the simple facts are quite surprising. No one is more interested than me in setting the record straight and making sure everyone knows the facts about our food.

McDonalds Open Doors day is part of a rigorous new approach by the company which has seen it launch an intense focus on menu choice, food quality and food facts in 2003.

In February McDonalds introduced a new Happy Meal with a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich, sultanas and orange juice. It is also trialling a new breakfast range including cereal, fruit tubs, yoghurt and juices, which will be available nationally by the end of this year. In May McDonalds updated its nutrition brochure and website giving customers an in-depth analysis of the energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugars and sodium content of regular menu items - the website now includes a nutrition counter.

By the end of the year McDonalds will also launch a new range of menu items which will include lighter and healthier food offerings.

People can book for an Open Doors tour at or by calling the Open Doors Customer Hotline on 1300 309 622 (local call costs apply from landlines and calls are extra from mobiles, depending on your provider). Bookings can be made from June 25 until July 2.

For health and safety reasons there are a set of terms and conditions for tour participants. People will be made aware of these when booking their tours.

McDonalds Open Doors will not be running at express restaurants or food court restaurants.

For health and safety reasons, only people over the age of 14 years can participate in restaurant tours. Those less than 18 years will need to be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

All tour participants will be given a hairnet and coat to wear during the tour.

For more health and safety information about the day visit

Bookings can be made between 9am and 5pm (AEST), June 25 to July 2.
I don't know whether to go..... I have 8 hours to register. I suppose you could all post questions and stuff for me to ask. I should wear a vegan t-shirt too. But I don't know...... Maccas always stinks; they give out hairnets and lab coats.... what about pegs for one's nose?
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Damn. I can't go. I was gonna ask if their is pig fat in their ice-creams. They've been doing all the advertisments on telvision about whats in their burgers and they've even release what they call the 5 Star Burger *****. I think they're trying to ruin subway because we can see what they put in our subway sandwhiches but at Mc Donalds we can't so they started this.
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