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massage therapists

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I was just curious. I am a massage therapist, don't really know and veg massage therapist. are there any on the board? would love to talk to someone in my field who is vegan or veg. I can't be the only vegan mt- or health conscience to say the least- I am always amazed at the junk the mt's I work with eat.
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im a massage therapist and vegan.

i don't know any other veg mt's either, where do you live?
i have worked a few different places since i got certified, a fast paced open mall type job (chair), with a few chiropractors and at a wellness center. i am on my own traveling to people's homes and offices, being mobile fits my lifestyle for now. i am lucky to have some great regular clients that i luv working with.

great spas with good management are hard to find, i am searching for one to work part time at. the more that i find the more i realize how much i want to have my own healing day!

im in california, los angeles/inland empire area.

kibble i went to a vocational type college for massage training, it was a 720 hour program (some are 500, very basic ones are 100-150) and took 9 months of going half days for 4 days a week. total cost = $11,000 (this included all school supplies and a really nice table and massage supplies) most vocational schools have financial assistance and can set u up with gov't funding if you qualify.

its a good idea to research the massage requirements in the city/county/state that you live in and choose schooling accordingly, some places only require a little training, so you can work while you continue to learn more modalities.

its a really great job, i luv the human body, it truly amazes me everyday!!!
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