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This is in response to someone's inquiry about a vegan margarine (I can't find the original post but it was a few days ago). I'm from Ontario and I usually buy a dairy-free President's Choice (a store brand -- I'm a student so buying Earth Source at a health food store is a bit prohibitive) margarine. I always assumed it was vegan, but it turns out that it contains vitamin D3. I e-mailed them suggesting that they change the vitamin D source (never hurts to ask) and this is what they had to say:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our President's

Choice and No Name Margarines. In response to your inquiry, our No Name

Soft Margarine made from 100% Canola/Soybean Oils uses Vitamin D2

instead of Vitamin D3. Regrettably, it contains whey powder as an

ingredient, thus it is not vegetarian.

We will pass on your suggestion to offer a vegan margarine to those who

are responsible for the development of this line of products.

We appreciate your feedback and value your interest in our products.


President's Choice Customer Service
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