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making veganism admirable in a high school

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i'm one of the only veg*ns in my high school. people always ask about it out of curiosity, and a lot of the time it's more like "why the heck would you do that?!". and when i try to support veganism, no one cares. because face it, people are narrowminded and don't care about what they put into themselves. i don't even want to convert anyone to veganism (though that would be amazing) but i just want to raise awareness and have people realize how great veganism is and how horrible eating animals is! any tips on how to do this and what to discuss/point out? i hate closemindedness
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Good Luck! Other kids can be tough! That sounds good by the way.. add a tomato.. some mustard.. *drools*
Thats awesome that people tried your sandwich!

People eat my vegan food in my classes too, some like it.. some complain.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts