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making veganism admirable in a high school

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i'm one of the only veg*ns in my high school. people always ask about it out of curiosity, and a lot of the time it's more like "why the heck would you do that?!". and when i try to support veganism, no one cares. because face it, people are narrowminded and don't care about what they put into themselves. i don't even want to convert anyone to veganism (though that would be amazing) but i just want to raise awareness and have people realize how great veganism is and how horrible eating animals is! any tips on how to do this and what to discuss/point out? i hate closemindedness
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live and let give is a good approach.

but the problem is, people never seem to want to let me live without trying to burn holes through my beliefs. so the natural response from me is to get into arguments and rant about veganism. next time i'll tell them to shut up and eat a burger - just don't complain to me when their health parallels that of phil margera.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts