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Does anyone else here do this? I picked up a yogurt maker recently, and although I had some trouble with my first batch, I've found making yogurt from plain soymilk has been AMAZING and a heck of a lot cheaper than trying to buy it.

I also picked up the book Artisan Vegan Cheese at Vegfest when I went with Purp and have been trying it out lately. The Cheddar was a hit (the meltable one, not the nut one for anyone who has the book), and the meltable Muenster reminded me of mozzarella. They melt beautifully and it's nice to be able to eat sustainably sourced cheese!

I also have been messing around with soymilk/coconut milk/hemp milk/rice milk ice creams. Some use some combination of the four, some just one or two, but most have come out well enough. Some are a little crystally but still creamy, if that makes sense. Got any tips on how to deal with that problem?

So, has anyone else experimented with this? What were your results like? Try anything outside the recipes from the book? Any tips on making fruit yogurts? The yogurt I've been making has mostly been going to being a cheese base.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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