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Since there is not really a lunch button I post it here.

Since this year I am trying to become a vegan, after being vegetarian for almost 2 years :D

I only have problems with my lunches. I met with a dietitian and she mentioned that I need to implement more proteins in my lunch.
From my home country we are used to eat bread during lunch. Bread with meat, cheese or sweet stuff. But since I don't eat meat, now no more cheese and I also want to reduce the intake of sugars, there is not much left so it seems...

Any tips on what you eat for lunch?? And how to increase my protein intake.


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You can mash chickpeas and make like you would egg/tuna/chicken salad
I use Just Mayo and vary it with curry, Old Bay seasoning, black salt (tasts JUST like eggs, and is at Indian groceries)

I take lots of soups -tomorrow is mixed bean soup

My favorite salad is mixed greens, apple, olives, walnuts, celery, maybe some grapes and balsamic vinegrette

I blend a pack of silken tofu with frozen chopped spinach with the water pressed out, and a packet of french onion soup mix, and some lemon juice in a food processor. Great in a pita or wrap with other veggies, or as a dip.

Fat free refried beans with chopped veggies .
Mix it with salsa and warm it up over romaine lettuce with other taco salad veggies

Tomato, lettuce, mayo and smokey tempeh

Lentil kofta-- simmer one cup red lentils with 2 cups water about 10-15 minutes till soft, turn off heat and stir in 1/2 bulgar wheat and cover. add cumin, onion and garlic powders. Have with pickles sliced onion-- as a cold sandwich or warm pattie. It's like a pate and very versitle

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Soba noodles with leafy green, black beans, soy sauce

homemade veggie burgers (my favorite is to mix white beans, cornmeal, shredded carrot, green onion, splash of plant milk to make a patty and heat them on a nonstick skillet or use a little oil if you wish). Make a big batch of them and freeze what you don't use right away and you'll have them on hand for lunches; have your veggie burgers on whole wheat bread or even over a bed of brown rice. Between the beans, bread or other grain that's a good bit of protein right there.

I second soups with beans, grains, leafy greens, vegetables.

Salads with added beans or seeds like pumpkin, sunflower seeds, chia seeds

sandwiches: with sliced tempeh and sauerkraut, or with chickpeas, celery, onion, and vegan mayo, or with peanut butter and banana, or fat free refried beans and salsa...

Homemade seitan nuggets and sweet potato fries

tofu thai stir fry with snap peas, carrots, celery etc (for the thai sauce, mix together peanut or almond butter, soy sauce, rice or cider vinegar, pinch of sweetener and simmer on stove to make a creamy sauce)
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