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Tinoberserker- Maybe I'll try to talk to him when he gets back from working out of town. We have fought many times from misinterpeted texts but I think this may have been the last straw for both of us... probablly best that way anyway as things have been going downhill for awhile but it still sucks :/.

Earthling- Yeah he's just an asshat lol. I was a vegetarian when I met him. He was always wanting to learning more about it and would often engage in conversations with an open mind. When I asked what happened to that person he said "that vegetable loving ******* died, he died of malnutrition from not eating meat. Now I'm here, the flesh hungry, carcass slobbering, bones for tooth picks meat eating know-it-all!" And believe me even though that post sounds somewhat sarcastic he really did do a 180.
Sounds like things worked out for the best. Based on your description it sounds like you don't really want that guy as a friend anyway, there are plenty of people out there mature enough to hang out with you and not freak out about your choices and beliefs.
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