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I am Kathi from Berlin/Germany. For the year 2012 I have a very special wish: I want to meet as much vegans as possible from all over the world. However, it should be at least 50 persons. 50 vegans from 50 different countries all over the world.

Actually, I don´t want to meet them for a little chat about veganism only. No! I would like to dedicate myself to one of my favorite pastimes - eating! More precisely, I want to cook with every single one of those 50 vegans. Vegan of course! We´ll cook the favorite dish of each respective vegan, ideally with a culinary reference to the country from which he or she comes. I´m looking forward to 50 delicious, international, vegan dishes and I´m going to tell you everything about them! Pm me for a link to my blog.

Actually, I need support to fulfill this task. If you´re a vegan who would like to meet me and cook with me - let me know where you´re from and where you are now. If you´re in Berlin - great! We´ll meet in no time. If you´re in another country, that´s ok - let´s talk about how we can get together this year.

I met canadian vegans already and have my second cooking date on saturday with a very nice belgian woman. Where are u from?

Bon appetit!
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