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looking for vegan lace-up boots.

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so dose anyone know where i can get a pair of vegan lace-up boots that don't have a heel or at least only a very small heel.

all the ones i've found have like 4" heels

oh and they also need to come in a size 10.

thank you.
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I would like to find something like that myself!
I really have no clue how womens shoes works (as I've been told repeatedly by my wife and neices) but is something like this what you are looking for?
I like Alternative Outfitters.They usually have pretty decent clearance prices and all different types of shoes and accessories. I've ordered from them and had no problems.

This place has some pretty cool/kinky stuff...but with at least 4 inch heels on most of their shoes. Good luck!
I have ones like that I bought at Payless, but that was about 3 years ago. Not sure what kind of styles they have now, but a lot of their stock is all man-made materials. Good luck!
I just got some nice walking/hiking ones from Vegetarian Shoes, but I'm wondering if the op is looking for something a little fancier.
thanks for the links.

but what i should have said is i;m looking for tall(like shin or knee high) lace-up vegan boots.

That's the kind I have, but I don't see them on the Payless website anymore. Sorry!
When you say boots to you mean fun or practical?Vegan Essentials has some practical ones that I've been dreaming about.

The dress boots I found on the sie do have a bit of a heel. << you might be able to find something along the long list of companies that sell leather alternatives... will you let us know if you find some??
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oh my gosh!

those are so hot!!

now i just have to convince my parents to let me spend 50$ on a pair of boots
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ok, i found the perfect boots!

these are them. if only there was a holiday coming up where i get presents. hmm.
those are cute momo! but they are sold out!! eek. maybe they'll be back in stock by the holidays...

you could also check fast, free shipping BOTHways

and has some veggie shoes
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