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Looking for advice on getting nutrients

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Hey guys, I'm new to VB.

I was a vegetarian for three years during high school (I'm 30 now, so that was a whiiiile ago). For really stupid reasons, I stopped being a vegetarian when I was about 18. I decided to go back to this lifestyle and have been for the past 2+ weeks. I also plan to transition to an *almost* fully vegan diet....except for eating eggs from MY OWN backyard chickens, (which I've been told is called ovo-vegetarianism). I've been having full vegan days each week to start getting used to it and learning new recipes.

My main question is what I should be looking for nutrient wise. When I was in high school and was a vegetarian, sometimes I would faint! I was told it was probably because I was lacking iron. Do you guys recommend supplements? I also use My Fitness Pal for calorie and macro counting. I recently heard that we don't really need as much protein in our diets as we've been led to believe. I really have no idea how much truth there is to that. Right now I'm on the 40/30/30 ratio...40% of my caloric intake is carbs, 30% is fat, and 30% is protein. I'm finding it a lot harder to hit the 30% number now. Any suggestions or do you think 30% is unnecessary?

Thanks in advance!

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