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Looking for a healthy plant-based bread?

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I can't eat gluten and all the gluten free products in the supermarket have all these weird ingredients in them.

I live in the UK and was wondering if anybody knew of any healthy gluten-free plant-based bread that isn't expensive and is accessible?

Thank you sooo much - and Happy New Year! :)
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Being gluten-free AND vegan can be a challenge.

I became gluten-intolerant about a year ago. So far, none of the gluten-free breads I've tried have been much good, except the Schar products, which are pretty good. The Schar company is based in New Jersey, but they sell worldwide. I know they have outlets in France, so maybe you can find them in the UK too. They are a little pricey, though.

I've taken to eating homemade corn bread. Very satisfying and nourishing. Here's a good recipe, courtesy of Sheknows-

In place of the wheat flour, I just substitute a cup of gluten-free pancake mix I get from the local Mennonite store, but you could just as easily use a rice-based or other gluten-free flour. (I also use canola oil, not coconut oil, because it's what I have on hand.)

Good luck!
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Aren't the sprouted grain breads typically gluten free? Like Ezekial?
I'm in the U.S> BTW
Have you tried Helgas?

We don't eat a lot of gluten or wheat in our house. I haven't tried the gluten free breads that Helgas make, but I love their Light Rye (I once ate half a loaf, without anything on it....Because I'm weird). They're a little more expensive than the really cheap breads, but they're very nice.

They have a few breads on their website that are gluten free-

I know the last time I checked, they were also animal product free. Hope that helps.
I wish I knew of a gluten-free bread that was good.

You might enjoy including cornbread or corn tortillas into your diet, instead.
Aren't the sprouted grain breads typically gluten free? Like Ezekial?
I'm in the U.S> BTW
No, sprouted wheat still contains gluten:
^ Okay, I must be thinking of Food for Life, the company that makes Ezekial.
They make a number of gluten free breads, but from the site doesn't look like it's in the U.K.
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