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I know how you feel. Around three years ago, my living situation changed so that I was actually able to have a companion animal. I started looking at dogs, but a cat named Christina dropped in my lap by some relatives looking to unload her on someone.

And while I love and adore her, she's not big on having other animals in the house. It took 2 years to slowly introduce my husband's cat to her.

And while we are very content with our two cats, really, we both grew up with dogs and we both want a dog (or two) badly.

But the reality is that the peace we've managed to achieve between the two cats is extremely delicate, adding a dog to the mix is just asking for trouble. Plus, really, we're looking at two, maybe three more years of apartment living and the breeds that we'd both be interested in aren't really the best apartment type dogs.

So, we wait and stare longingly at the dogs being walked around the lake, wrestle and play with friend's dogs and volunteer at places where we can play with dogs up for adoption.

Eventually the time will be right for adopting a dog, but for now, I'll be happy with the cat who is asleep in my lap right now.
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