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Title speaks for itself.. stuff like this just makes me sick.

if ya haven't seen this video,the bigging is very sad,espishly the part about the baby killer whales that died while being captured..

Experience the sad life of Lolita the killer whale who has been caught in a net of lies for over 3 decades. Littered with Haunting Images and painful sound bites, Lolita: Slave to Entertainment offers audiences an engaging peek behind closed doors, exposing an entire industry of injustices, greed, and lies. Make no mistakes, this is no "Free Willy," there is no Hollywood ending here.

This Provocative and Revealing must-see documentary uniquely addresses man's relationship with wildlife. It speaks not only to animal lovers and activists, but to anyone at all who may have been duped by marine theme park propaganda. In fact, this is the film that an entire industry would rather you not see."
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